Wednesday, March 26

My most memorable moment, when I truly experienced the grace of God, was in September 1988.  After a brief  period of 18 years of drinking and using other mind altering substances to extreme, my mental ,  physical, and spiritual being was to the breaking point.  With great reluctance, I sought help and entered a treatment program. The first few day were helpful and I could identify with what was going wrong with my life and what was wrong with me; I just couldn’t see how I could change the course.

Midway through the program we had just finished  an intensive group counseling session and were sent alone back to our rooms for an hour’s rest and reflection.  While in my room, trying to digest all that I had experienced to this point, an intense fear overcame me and I questioned if I was doing the right thing.  I prayed to God for a sign, at that moment there was a knock on my door and a soft voice asked if they could enter. The voice belonged to Reverend Bob Derr and I said yes. When he entered the room, it became brighter and at that moment my doubts and fears about the future left me.  At that moment I realized that with God’s help I would be okay; I just needed to remember to ask Him for the help. Reverend Derr didn’t come that day to visit me, he had seen my name on the hospital register while he was looking for another name and decided to add me to his visit. To my eyes that moment was truly the Grace of God and my life today is testament to God’s love and grace.

— Neil M. O’Donnell