Wednesday, March 19


I have been a member of St. Stephen’s my whole life.  When my sister and I were young my mother taught us to say our daily prayers.  I was baptized here in 1946 and made all my sacraments here.  Growing up I attended church every Sunday until my mid 20s, when life got in the way and there was little time for church, even though I always pledged and to pray daily and I attended every once in a while.  Six years ago I retired, and shortly after retiring I had a medical problem.  I prayed to God I didn’t have cancer, which runs in my family.
I went to a doctor and told him all my symptoms.  Two days later I had a colonoscopy and they removed three large polyps, which had no signs of cancer.  When I got home from the hospital I knelt by my bed and said a prayer of thanks to God.  Then I decided to go to St. Stephen’s the next Sunday and to thank God properly in His own house.  Ever since that Sunday I have come back to the place I love so much, my spiritual home, St. Stephen’s.
— Bob Dixon