Wednesday, February 24, 2016

In our culture, seasons of the year have distinctive markers.  Evergreens and indulgence in cookies mark Christmas; pumpkin flavored drinks and treats mark Hallowe’en; in Lynn many evenings of fireworks foretell Independence Day.  During Lent, a common marker of the season is giving up some individual pleasure.  Accepting this discipline is a recognition in some small way that we need not let our desires master us.  In a much larger way, however, like cookies and fireworks and pumpkins, this giving up marks a special season.  In a large way we are reminded daily, lest we forget, that this is the time to practice the special acts of devotion or service which we have planned.  Also, when Easter arrives we can add one small individual pleasure to our Alleluias.

— Joann Droppers, written February 16, 2016