Tuesday, April 8

A few weeks ago one Sunday , I remember Rev. Jane preaching about
 Jesus’ encounter with the prostitute Samaritan woman at the well. And I said
 to myself, wow, the bible is truly an amazing book. Each time I listen or
 read this passage, I get a new revelation. Jesus was so forgiving, so 
tolerant, and so accepting.  He had no racial bias and it didn’t matter to 
him that he was talking to a prostitute, a low life. This one life was worth 
saving.  His disciples being human were shocked that he would talk to this
 outcast. He promised to give the woman living water that she would never
 thirst again.

We all have daily struggles. Jesus is non judgmental. He will meet us where 
we are and he will give us the strength we need to overcome whatever 
weaknesses we have for good. We shall never thirst for that sin, for that 
addiction ever again. We will then go off and testify of God’s goodness and
 draw more people to him.

— Marjorie Kayondo