Thursday, March 26, 2015

“God’s Moment”
I was sitting in the waiting room at Mass. Eye and Ear. I noticed an Arab woman across from me. She was clothed in a traditional Muslim garb and was wearing a beautiful scarf. I decided to ask her if she had made the scarf and she responded, “No English.” Then the woman dialed up her son to serve as an interpreter. When she heard that I loved her scarf, the woman gave it to me. Later on, the doctor told me that I needed to have my fourth surgery on my eye. I was feeling totally worn out. They were sending me everywhere. I told the woman this news when I returned to the waiting room. She hugged me and kissed me on the forehead, as one would kiss a child. She said, “I pray to Allah for you, that you would be healed.” Even though only her eyes were visible and we never exchanged names, I knew God had sent me an angel that day. I wanted to give her something back in return, but her son said it wasn’t necessary.  I insisted and he gave me their address, saying, “Oh, so you can become friends.” I told this story to my doctor and she said, “That’s very special. You don’t see that every day.” As an ECCO leader, I am happy to say, when they say there’s a lot of racism in this world, God shows us that there are a lot of angels in this world. No judging based on appearances or even in knowing someone’s name. It was our souls that talked that day. I don’t know what she needed but she knew what I needed, and I thank God for the blessing. I will be mailing her a tote bag I knitted, plain but embroidered with a rose, symbolizing trust and beauty without judgment.

—Trust in God, Debbie Potter