Thursday, March 23, 2017

It is always hard for me to talk about just one thing in my life where I feel the presence of God. I feel his presence all day, every day. God is not only around during good times, but also there to help endure bad times. Like everyone else I have had many issues in life that I thought would be unbearable, yet here I am. About a year ago, a very good friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. God has given me the strength to be there for her. I sit with her, listen to her, laugh with her take her shopping, to appointments or anything else she may need or want to do.  I love her like a sister and God helps me  be strong, which helps her to be strong. I know that sooner than later  her health will deteriorate ever further and she will be gone. Yet through all the tears and  hurt, God will be there to help us all through this.

May God Bless.

-Joyce Wallace