Thursday, March 17, 2016

I remember how as a child, whether crossing a parking lot or walking in an unfamiliar place, I would try to keep up with my father but usually lagged behind.  I found comfort in holding his hand, but I could never get my legs to move fast enough.  He always walks quickly with determination plus his long legs meant I would need to take 2 or 3 steps to keep pace with him.  As my legs grew longer I’ve come closer to matching his stride but whereas he can focus solely on his destination, I’m slowed down by distractions.

Walking with Jesus, I have experienced times when we were perfectly in step.  We were both heading in the same direction and moving at the same speed.  There have also been times when I’ve run ahead of Jesus because of my impatience or arrogance.  But for the most part I find that I’m a few steps behind.  Sometimes it’s because I can’t keep up with the pace Jesus has set—my legs and my heart don’t have the energy.  I feel weighed down by expectations of following this path.  Other times it’s because I don’t want to walk with Jesus.  I lag behind by dragging my feet or even sitting in the road.  Anything to avoid the scary shadow looming over the path.

So why do I keep walking with Jesus, why don’t I walk on my own and at my own speed?  Because he is the one who will wait for me when I fall behind and heal my wounds after I sprint by him.  And in those glorious moments when I actually walk beside Jesus I live in the healing power of the resurrection.

— The Rev. Sarah van Gulden