Thursday, April 6, 2017

One of the oldest questions in life is, “Where are you God?”  This is the question that comes up when life hits the fan and smacks you in the face. I read the bible every day. I say my prayers of thanksgiving and repentance. I go to church every week. I do my part by being involved in church functions and work for a better community. I cry, my soul shakes, I ask, “God where are you?”  Please Lord, stop this hopelessness of being helpless and alone.

Now I sing, trust, and obey for there is no other way but to trust the Lord Jesus. I must obey with an open heart. This will lead to His promise and my trust in Him.

He is holding me when all seems to be falling down around me. When I stop crying and shaking there is someone holding me. God is standing me up and taking my fear away. He has turned my fears into strengths. He is holding me. Just calling His name FATHER, this is what He needs us to do. Remember to do this when you feel alone.

So hold on to the promise there is no other way but to trust in God.

Living on the promise.

–Deborah Potter