Thursday, April 3

Juliana in Greece_lrIn January 2012, God blessed me with the most wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Athens, Greece. I went through my highs and lows in my culture shock experience, but my lows seemed to be a bit lower than expected.

Greece was going through a terrible economic crisis (and still is- please keep Greece in your prayers.) and it was a very violent, chaotic, and unstable time for me to be there. However, God brought me through and strengthened my faith in the process. 
We took a class trip to Nafplio, Greece, and stopped at multiple landmarks. On top of a mountain, in the midst of castle ruins, God humbled me by showing me how small I am compared to the rest of the world. He strengthened my faith and showed me his power by helping me realize- God didn’t forget to breathe life into me this morning. All of these living creatures, and he chose to give ME breath of life? I can’t be worthy. It just didn’t make sense. Why am I here?

Following that trip, we had lunch and headed towards Epidavrus, the home of an ancient Greek theater. I sat alone just exhaling. I felt the breath of God tell me that that is EXACTLY what I am to do with my life. I am here to entertain, to help teach lessons, to touch the life of at least one person through music.

It may have been a tough trip, but my travels and footsteps were anointed by God. This was by far the most life changing experience of my life.

— Juliana Davis