Thursday, April 10

I know I am not a good listener. God knows whispering to tell me to do something will not work all the times; and God on extra-sensory perception doesn’t work with me at all. Therefore, God uses the hard way to get my attention.

One sunny, beautiful afternoon in Port au Prince, I was going to see a friend.  On my way there in the taxi, I sensed someone pull me back on my shoulders.  I check in the back; there wasn’t anyone in the taxi cab except the driver and me.  After a few minutes,  I had the same feeling and I checked the back seat again; no one was there in the back seat. A third times the pull was so strong, I understood the message.  I stopped the driver, and went back home.  I did not understand the meaning of what just happened to me, but I stayed home all the afternoon, evening, and night.

Unfortunately, at this time mobile phones weren’t popular and for a family to have a house phone it was a luxury.  So I could not call my friend to let her know I wasn’t coming.  The next day, she went to a paid phone and called me crying and giving glory to God because I did not show up.  She told me there was bloodshed in her neighborhood, and if I had been there I would have lost my life in a few minutes.  I realized my incredulity would have cost me my life if God had not used the hard way to convince me to get back home.

Glory to God in the highest because He was, is, and will always be my Shepherd!

— Patrick   LaFortune