Saturday, March 18, 2017

The death of my mother was another occasion where I learned that the promise of eternity was real.  When she died, I suffered through paralyzing grief and enormous guilt because I was not present for her in the days leading up to her death. This went on for weeks…. And then one day, I was driving home to Alabaster after another rough day in the laboratory at UAB where I was trying to finish up my doctoral research.  Tears for my dead mother began to blur my eyes once again.  Just as I turned right, next to Thompson High School, I felt a sudden, strong breeze rush across my face, though my car windows were up.  I smelled my mother’s perfume… I heard my mother’s voice tell me, “Be at Peace, I am.” …. I immediately pulled over in the high school parking lot and burst into tears… just like I did at the bottom of the stairs in the engineering building.   I had just experienced a glimpse of my mother in eternity… You know, I have never cried another tear for my mother since that amazing moment when our souls spoke to one another.  I now knew she was in the warmth and peace of eternal life.


-Martha Bidez, Part 2 (from a sermon preached at St. Stephen’s Birmingham, AL 9/18/16)