Saturday, February 21, 2015

For seven weeks Bonnie and I have been going in to the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center for daily radiation to exorcise a few stray cancer cells discovered in my prostate during a biopsy in September.  We have two more weeks plus two additional sessions to go.  The radiations are painless, take little time, and are soon over.  We think of these days—B and I are complete partners—as “our job.”  I drive in; afterwards, Bonnie drives home.  Despite the weather, we have not missed a single session. The prognosis could hardly be better: prostate cancer is seen as the most “curable” of cancers, and our doctors at MGH are very happy.  We could not be treated better by the staff and the many other patients we see every day.  Lots of courage around here! . . .Still—it’s a scary, serious enterprise. Looking to keep my spirits up, I found this advice (where it came from I can’t remember}: when you first wake up each morning, count some of your blessings.  That will get your day off to a good start.  I am sure they did not mean the same blessings; that would quickly grow stale.  Think of new ones.  I’ve been doing this most days these seven weeks. I just want to say it works!  Really.  My world has been closed down by sameness, fatigue, and bad weather, but at the same time it’s opened up wonderfully.  It keeps me in good heart; I thank God for this advice many times each day.

—Con Squires