Monday, March 6, 2017

The intriguing thing about the mutuality of the Trinity is that the names, roles, and energies are really interchangeable. We don’t want to typecast the Father as the only infinite one, the Son as the only immanent one, or the Spirit as the only intimate one. All is absolutely given to the other and let go of. For the sake of our human minds, it’s helpful to identify three persons.

When all three of those divine qualities start drawing you into the flow and when you’re at home with Infinity, Immanence, and Intimacy—all Three—you’re finally living inside a Trinitarian spirituality.

I have often noticed these divine qualities in people who are marginalized, oppressed, “poor,” or “mentally challenged” more than in many others. They have to trust love. They need communion and mutuality.

Once you have allowed yourself to be vulnerable and received infinite grace, you will find ways to let the love flow through you, serving others. People filled with the flow will always move away from any need to protect their own power. They will be drawn to the powerless, the edge, the bottom, the plain, and the simple. They have all the power they need; it always overflows, and like water seeks the lowest crevices to fill.

— Richard Rohr, The Divine Dance