Monday, March 31

When I feel close to God, I am at my house in the garden.  I walk over to my favorite spot and wait.  Then the birds come down like angels from heaven.  They circle around me reassuring me that everything is perfect.  As they circle around me, God is hugging me his warmest hug.  They fly away.  My eyes follow them as they seem to be messengers.  Up ahead a medium sized dove sits on her eggs.  God then reminds me that even the weakest is neither big or small.  I am with God.  He is walking with me.  He’s my friend. God will always be my friend.  But at the moment we are very close.  When my brother comes over to tell me it’s time to go on an errand, I say goodbye to the birds.  And run to catch up with him.  As I look into the tree near the garden, I see God.  He winks and I let out a deep, long sigh.

— Lily, age 8