Monday, March 24

It was a chilly Sunday, Dec.  25, 2005, Christmas day.  Over the preceding few years my world had been turned upside down mostly from my own terrible choices and decisions.  I was living on Washington Street and upon waking that morning felt like I wanted to be in church, a place I had not entered in years.  As I walked from Washington to Franklin and to the commons I was going to enter St. Mary’s but for some reason walked up further to St. Stephen’s.  The front door was open and upon entering I felt not only the warmth of the church but the even warmer greetings and smiles of the ushers. It was more of the same during the exchange of the Peace and finally when Rev. Jane extended the offer to partake of Eucharist and said, “These are the gifts from God to the People of God. This is the Lord’s table and ALL are welcome here.”  That ALL resonated within every part of my being to my soul. I knew this was home, my spiritual home. Thanks be to the people of St Stephens. Thanks be to God!

— Larry Jenkins