Monday, March 17


I have a very long story but I’ll make it as brief as I possibly can – I wrote a hymn called  “Glory to His Name” sang it to Bruce – Organist and Choir Director and joined the St. Stephen’s Choir – along with being a part of the pastoral care Team – visiting and delivering flowers. It has been quite a journey for me, leaving South Boston, moving to Lynn and living with my ex-husband, James Raynes, talk about a leap in faith and a challenge also giving up Assembly of God Churches to make a commitment both in time and money to an Episcopal Church, St.  Stephen’s. At first I was homesick but now I have to say I love the people and St. Stephen’s has taught me a lot about being less judgmental and more understanding of everyone. My background is Roman Catholic, 35 years and 2.5 years in the Convent, Grey Nuns Sisters of Charity in Lexington.

So for Lent I’m praying that I will not look back but move forward with all the friends and people of St. Stephen’s with My Brother’s Table, Judie Jones, Lucinda McClain, Pastoral Care Team, Kids in Community, Debbie Potter and others, Thank you.

— Josephine Russo