Monday, March 10


On the last morning of our stay at the Jersey Shore, we checked out of our motel to spend a few more hours on the beach before heading home.  By mid-afternoon, we made our way to the stairs leading up to the boardwalk, pausing at the cold water shower on the beach to rinse off the salt and sand.  But no water appeared. “Drought,” said a man.  “Showers are off.”

I said, “Can we rinse off in the pool up above?” “The pool is salt water, too.”  Great.  Now we were faced with a long car ride covered in sand and salt.

Then we saw the thunderstorm approaching from the west.  As the rain began to pelt, we took shelter under the eaves of the pool pavilion.  Water poured off the roof, creating a natural shower.  We stepped out into the curtain of rainwater, rinsed off, and thanked God for sending us one of His small miracles.

— Ruthanne Switzer