Monday, February 23, 2015

God moments come at unexpected times, even in the midst of blizzards.  During our first blizzard I was reluctantly putting on my snowpants and boots to go out and start the process of clearing the snow, when the doorbell rang.  I was startled that anyone had waded through the waist high drift to get to the front door.   I opened the door to find a young man asking if he and his friend could shovel my walks and driveway for me.  Wallace, I learned later, a waiter at an assisted living facility, had just brought his wife and new born home from the hospital and shoveling was a way to earn a little extra money on his day off.  We negotiated a price, and I had them start at my back door so I could come out and join them using my snowblower.  What a blessing!  A job that would have taken me a couple of hours was done in under half the time.  Furthermore, Wallace and a friend or two have blessed me by returning during subsequent snowstorms.

—Dorothy Post