Monday, April 7

Becca's paintingWhen I felt God in my heart I had lung removal surgery when I was 7 years old, I felt a chill in my body when I knew it was my great grandmother, Nana, who had passed away two years before. I thought she was very worried about me, as my mom was.

It was very spiritual that God was with me the whole time during that moment. I am very blessed to be alive all these years later, to have my family and friends with me in my heart. Also, I am God’s angel when I am at St. Stephen’s Church. I felt like it was the right place to go and I get to see so many nice people.

I love everyone at St. Stephen’s. They have welcomed me warmly, and I enjoy being at Oasis with Jason Cruz, and being at Confirmation Class with Irene, and Danielle.

Back in April of last year I was recovering from my back surgery, Rev. Jane came and visited me at Boston Children’s Hospital a couple times and made me feel special.

Thank you to the wonderful people at St. Stephen’s for making me feel I belong!

— Rebecca L. Phelps