Friday, March 10, 2017

Crossing Eutaw: What’s Going On

Seven A.M. the middle of the week;
A walk to ponder the message I seek.
Emotions in turmoil and I question God why;
All the hate and distrust and so many do die.
The nation is divided and our leaders cast doubt;
They perpetuate old stereotypes to hold onto their clout.
Programs and laws put into place
Aimed to put down both gender and race.
A nation once founded on peace and good will
Became a nation of warriors taught to hate and kill.
A crusade is called to vanquish our foe;
Keep them out, send them back, the shame we do know.
One morning we wake and see our freedom has gone,
A vanquished people became a willing pawn.
History will note that it was all a big lie;
The powerful keep it all and the rest of us die.
A nation destroyed and reduced to rubble;
For not paying attention we created the trouble.

-Neil O’Donnell