Past Youth Actions

Tree Mural_cr

Tree Mural

St. Stephen’s teens take action in their community and make a difference. As part of the state-wide Youth Jobs Coalition, they organized for more youth jobs meeting with political and business leaders as well as providing leadership for the state-wide rally in February 2014. As part of the Raise Up Massachusetts Campaign, they collected signatures for petitions to raise the minimum wage. They organize and raise money for an annual gift drive called Christmas Presents Project for Kids (CPPK) providing gift bags for more than 200 under-served children in Lynn. They do fantastic fundraisers, such as hosting open-mic nights and making handmade art pieces, to support awesome causes like CPPK and mission trips. They have run workshops for Gordon College, the Office of Youth Ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, and the Youth Jobs Coalition. In October 2013, as part of the BPEACE Campaign of the Diocese of Massachusetts, they led a workshop on dealing with violence during which teens created a Tree Mural that “holds the pain and fear of the violence in the lives and communities of teens but transforms it with images of hope, love, and life.” Currently the mural is on display at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Boston.