Holy Saturday, April 19

On Saturday, April 23, 2011, the evening before Easter Sunday, I received a phone call from my mother complaining of severe head pain.  When I arrived at her apartment at St. Stephen’s Towers, she was rushed to Union Hospital in an ambulance.  At the hospital the diagnosis was a brain bleed.  She was transferred to Mass General Hospital with no hope of survival.  Frantically, I called my friend Charlotte and begged her to find Reverend Jane to come as my mother was dying.  Charlotte contacted another parishioner, Lucinda, who rushed to the church where Reverend Jane was celebrating the Easter Vigil to tell her the news of my mother.

After the service, Rev. Jane came to MGH and stayed with me and my family and prayed with us and helped hold us up while my mother was taken off life support.  When my mother did not pass away soon after they removed life support, Rev. Jane stayed until 4:30a.m., at which time my mother was moved to a hospice room in another wing of the hospital.  Later on Easter Sunday, Rev. Jane appeared again at my mother’s room at Mass General to check on her and us.

The next day, April 25, 2011, Easter Monday, Rev. Courtney came to pray with us.  She and my mother had spent a good deal of time praying together at my home, when my mother would receive the Holy Eucharist.  After Rev. Courtney arrived, we prayed together the 23rd Psalm, at which time my mother passed away.  I will be forever grateful for the love and support of my family at St. Stephen’s for supporting me and my family in such a time of need.

— Sandy Wittrup