Good Friday, April 18

My God moment happened approximately three years ago when I was nearly killed in a terrifying collision caused by a truck driver. Three days before Christmas I was in the course of my employment minding my own business, waiting patiently behind a car at a red light when a tractor-trailer weighing approximately 100,000 pounds slammed into the rear of my small car. I was startled at first but was able to maintain my composure. Instantly as the light turned green the tractor-trailer repeatedly rear-ended me into oncoming traffic passed one major intersection and a side street. This was probably the first time in my life I felt powerless and scared. I looked death in my eyes thinking is this going to be the way I die? I remember crying thinking about my childhood and my major accomplishments. Then I may have blacked out for a moment because I saw darkness. I instantly thought of my two minor daughters living without their mother. It was then I silently prayed to myself. I asked God, “is this the way I am going to die?” I felt a surge of power rush through my body as I continued to pray, “God I don’t want to die. I am not going to die. Please God help me please!” God delivered me and protected me and I lived to tell.

— Pauline Leslie