We try to live our lives with a spirit of gratitude and generosity. Through support of the church and community, we grow through giving our time, talent, and money. God has blessed us with abundance and our lives are enriched when we pay it forward.

Kingston-alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Kingston-alleluia, alleluia, alleluia




Why people pledge to support the ministry of St. Stephen’s…

Bob enjoys pastoral care visits very much saying it makes him feel good to bring the healing Eucharist to others. He pledges because he knows that the ministries of the church that matter to him and to others require money to make them happen.

The Close-Chandler family pledges so that St. Stephen’s can care for the generations. Pledging has always been a priority for this family. They do what they can believing it is critical to help the church survive.

Rosalinda sits in the same place in church as she did in Antigua, she and her family create new traditions and strengthen the holy and human bonds that sustain them. With joy they “give back.”

St. Stephen’s is a place of stability and hope for Keyana, which is why she chooses to pledge. Like all of us, she has many choices where she spends her money; yet, she commits herself to supporting St. Stephen’s.

Marilyn and Rick agree that the feelings at St. Stephen’s is one of family ­closeness that can’t be replicated anywhere. The architecture of the buildings and the people that serve within these walls are what keeps them coming back to St. Stephen’s.

Dolores & Howie continue to come and pledge to St. Stephen’s because of the comfort and familiarity they feel walking through the church doors every Sunday. They know their pledge ensures that St. Stephen’s continues to do what it does best—provide a home for any and all who want to find Christ in community.