Friday, March 28

I was living with my in-laws in Indianapolis.  I remember the nurse at Methodist Hospital telling me, “You should be dead.  Why are you smiling?”  This was the first day of the rest of my life.  Let me tell you, it was the beginning of Gods power over me.

I died in my in-laws bathroom in 1985, Indianapolis, Indiana.  My son was 3 months old.  You all know him as little Tim or Timmy.   My stomach was growling that night and I had cramps.  I went to the bathroom where I discovered that I was bleeding so much it filled the toilet.

I felt myself traveling through space and light.  I saw my father Charles W. Bradley, Sr. and my Grandmother Ella Mae Fowler standing in the light.  I asked my father to pray to God to send me back.  I just had a baby and he needed me.  God was standing before me.  I was sent back with a calming peaceful spirit lifting me.
I can’t really describe the wonder of God’s love beyond you knowing and showing that loving spirit.   I feel this spirit every day.

— Deborah L. Potter