Friday, March 17, 2017

I remember (one moment during) my graduate school days, while I was working on my PhD in biomedical engineering… My arms were full of books as I headed down a long stairwell. (This was before the Internet and we actually had to use a real library for research back in those days!) The heel of my left shoe caught in the right cuff of my pants and I began to fall. I felt absolute terror as my torso fell forward… beyond the point of ever regaining my balance, even if I had dropped all of the books. My next memory is standing completely upright at the bottom of the stairs, books still in both arms… I spontaneously burst into tears.  As the pragmatic engineer, I knew unequivocally that what had happened was physically impossible. The only explanation was the hand of God, plucking me out of midair and setting me safely at the base of the stairs.

Martha Bidez, Part 1 (from a sermon preached at St. Stephen’s Birmingham, AL 9/18/16)

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 this weekend.