Friday, February 27, 2015

On the morning of August 14, 2014, my husband Don woke me up to say he was having chest pains and was sweaty. He called 911, I got dressed, the EMT’s arrived and gave him a nitroglycerin pill. We were told that if the pill worked and the pain disappeared, that meant there was a problem. When we arrived at the emergency room at Salem, Don was rushed in and I was left to register him. Usually the ER waiting room is crowded and busy, on this early morning no one was there. So I tried to pray, but couldn’t put the words together. Finally, I just said, “it’s in your hands, God.”

After an angiogram which indicated two blockages, and more chest pain, the doctors decided that a double bypass was indicated. Once this was done, the recovery process began. Don never had a heart attack and there was no damage to the heart. He says he is so happy to be alive and has gone through all the follow-up appointments and cardiac rehab with a positive attitude, except for meditation, which is part of the rehab program!  I am glad and grateful that things turned out for the best.

—Irene Axelrod