Friday, April 4

We had waited over 6 years to hear the words, “you are pregnant and all looks good so far”. Since hoping to conceive our second child it seemed as though we had experienced every emotion conceivable but I didn’t realize how many more there were to come. It was Christmas Eve 1998 when we felt comfortable telling our daughter, Julia, we had heard the baby’s heartbeat.  She was thrilled with the news and the next day we drove to upstate New York to share the news with more family.

Hours later, after some shopping, I stepped from the car and felt the unimaginable…. I was miscarrying on a main street in Oneonta, NY.  At that point the world sort of spun into slow motion, they got me to the hospital and the ER physician conveyed no sense of hope, he was ready to order the D&C. My husband, Jim, said to him in a firm voice, “Get the ultrasound, please”. I had lost so much blood all seemed so bleak. I was completely heartbroken. But, with God’s grace, there it was, our baby’s heart beat flickering on the screen. He was holding on. God was with us.

From that point on there were two more bouts resulting in almost complete bed rest and then on Friday, April 17th my water broke, I was only at 28 weeks. This was not
good. I was admitted and was told to stay calm; if I didn’t go into labor, every day was going to be a gift to the development of this child.

So there I was, for nearly six weeks, waiting, counting kicks and praying that our son would be born, and healthy. Remembering… every day was a gift for this child. Then, on May 25th it was determined that the baby had to be delivered, STAT. So, via C section, our baby boy was born. He was 4 lbs. and 21 inches long. He looked like a baby bird that had fallen from the nest, no cheeks on either end!  It seemed like forever before he cried… I will never forget how sweet that cry was when it finally came.

Each Sunday during those 6 weeks at Christiana Hospital in Newark DE, a very kind woman came to give me communion and when she offered the host I would respond, “Lord I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and my soul shall be healed”. Each Sunday since, at this point in our Mass, with my handsome, healthy son now 6’3” tall standing by my side, I remember that God was there for me, for us, and I never take His love and grace for granted in my life.

— Linda D. Midland