Saturday, April 12

December 15. My husband’s voice on my office phone.   My anxiety kicks in. “What?” I ask. “Jordan,” Steve says. No, no, no, no, no.  My godchild, nephew, only child of my late sister.  A boy-man, 35. Dead of a drug overdose. My workmates drive me home. What to do?  Call Jane Gould, who is about … [Read more…]

Friday, April 11

Senior year was the most challenging year for me in college. That’s when I realized that my life is really in my hands and I really needed to start preparing for that. That meant that I had to start looking for internships. I had to start networking with my classmates. I had to try my … [Read more…]

Thursday, April 10

I know I am not a good listener. God knows whispering to tell me to do something will not work all the times; and God on extra-sensory perception doesn’t work with me at all. Therefore, God uses the hard way to get my attention. One sunny, beautiful afternoon in Port au Prince, I was going … [Read more…]

Wednesday, April 9

Two weeks ago a man in his late twenties approached me. “Do you have any loose change?”  “This is the third time in a month that you have approached me,”  said I. I will give you something on one condition – tell me about yourself and what is going on in your life. I bought … [Read more…]

Tuesday, April 8

A few weeks ago one Sunday , I remember Rev. Jane preaching about
 Jesus’ encounter with the prostitute Samaritan woman at the well. And I said
 to myself, wow, the bible is truly an amazing book. Each time I listen or
 read this passage, I get a new revelation. Jesus was so forgiving, so 
tolerant, … [Read more…]

Monday, April 7

When I felt God in my heart I had lung removal surgery when I was 7 years old, I felt a chill in my body when I knew it was my great grandmother, Nana, who had passed away two years before. I thought she was very worried about me, as my mom was. It was … [Read more…]

Saturday, April 5

Music has always been a passion of mine. I have reason to believe, while most children came into this world crying, I came in singing! God has blessed me with a gift to sing and for many years I would just sing whatever was one the radio, not knowing really what I was singing about. … [Read more…]

Friday, April 4

We had waited over 6 years to hear the words, “you are pregnant and all looks good so far”. Since hoping to conceive our second child it seemed as though we had experienced every emotion conceivable but I didn’t realize how many more there were to come. It was Christmas Eve 1998 when we felt … [Read more…]

Thursday, April 3

In January 2012, God blessed me with the most wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Athens, Greece. I went through my highs and lows in my culture shock experience, but my lows seemed to be a bit lower than expected. Greece was going through a terrible economic crisis (and still is- please keep Greece in … [Read more…]

Wednesday, April 2

I have never felt I belonged at one certain church. I did not attend church regularly growing up. I did get married at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Saugus, and I Baptized all three of my children there as well. Throughout the years I just went along my busy life holding God in my heart. … [Read more…]