Monday, March 17

GLORY TO HIS NAME I have a very long story but I’ll make it as brief as I possibly can – I wrote a hymn called  “Glory to His Name” sang it to Bruce – Organist and Choir Director and joined the St. Stephen’s Choir – along with being a part of the pastoral care Team … [Read more…]

Saturday, March 15

NEEDING HELP TO SAY GOODBYE When my mother was dying of lung cancer, I took a Family Medical leave to spend the last five weeks of her life with her.  Day after day, I sat by her bed as she withered away.  After several weeks I was emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted.  I went for … [Read more…]

Friday, March 14

LETTING GO OF OLD LIFE TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW LIFE In Canada I learned that farmers occasionally set fire to the fields.  That may seem a destructive act, but farmers know it is a way to renew the fields.  The ashes of last season mix into the soil and in time produce a richer, … [Read more…]

Thursday, March 13

HELP ALL YEAR LONG… ESPECIALLY AT LENT! Hi, I’m Alice McFarlane.  We have a lot to work on when Lent arrives — we have lost two of our cousins and we are coping as best we can with Jane’s difficulties.  As far back as I can remember, St. Stephen’s has always been a very big … [Read more…]

Wednesday, March 12

GOD WAS TAKING CARE OF ME A year ago I went through the “valley of the shadow of death.”   I was in a coma but I remember that I was lying down in a beautiful green pasture – so peaceful. Now I have come back to life, thanks to so many prayers from my St. … [Read more…]

Tuesday, March 11

SINGING SOLO The only solo singing I ever did was Hansel in a long-ago “Hansel and Gretel.”  My sister was Gretel.  Every Christmas Eve the choir has a Carol sing before service.  Last Saturday we had a snowstorm.  Luckily, someone plowed us out.  I had no excuse not to attend church.  But I was the … [Read more…]

Monday, March 10

“SMALL” MIRACLES On the last morning of our stay at the Jersey Shore, we checked out of our motel to spend a few more hours on the beach before heading home.  By mid-afternoon, we made our way to the stairs leading up to the boardwalk, pausing at the cold water shower on the beach to … [Read more…]

Saturday, March 8

POWER OF LOVE In summer, 2006 I had a total knee replacement. My blood pressure went up to over 200 and I was put in the intensive care unit.  I also had a bad reaction to the morphine given me for pain and I was seeing crazy things crawling on the wall and dreaming about … [Read more…]

Friday, March 7

HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THE DEATH OF ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN? After my daughter died, the first real memory I have was when Reverend Jane came to my house and I told her there was no God.  But as time went by, I knew I was getting my faith back.  I found myself lighting … [Read more…]

Thursday, March 6

NO VIEW…THEN… On dark winter days when I feel  there is no god, I drown in doubt and discontent.  But as the sun rises earlier, I can look through south-facing windows of our small house halfway up the hill of Little Nahant, and see glory spread across the sky.  Bare trees are stirring in the … [Read more…]