Wednesday, April 2

I have never felt I belonged at one certain church. I did not attend church regularly growing up. I did get married at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Saugus, and I Baptized all three of my children there as well. Throughout the years I just went along my busy life holding God in my heart. Then my daughter Rebecca was born. I knew she was a gift so precious, and I was driven to stand by her side and support her like any mother would. This is where finding my faith became challenging. I have been through many serious health scares with Rebecca, that mostly made me doubt my faith in God. Yet through the toughest of times, the late nights in the hospital sitting by my child’s bedside willing her to overcome her health battles, deep inside my silence I could feel Him giving me the strength to continue. That silent feeling of peace only He can give you. Letting me know deep down, my daughter would get well and once again thrive. Through all this madness I never found a place to go where I felt welcomed to pray with a community I felt comfortable with, until I found St. Stephen’s.

As soon as I met Rev. Jane, I knew this was the place for Rebecca and I. She gave out this radiant energy that let me know I was welcomed at St. Stephen’s. Most importantly, having a daughter as special as Rebecca, I was needing a community that would embrace her and get her involved!! She deserved to feel part of a loving Church Family. That is what we feel at St. Stephen’s, from Rev. Jane, Jason Cruz and his work with Oasis, right down to Mr. Harry Jackson.

Since joining St. Stephen’s in 2012, I once again was challenged with my faith when last year Rebecca endured a 14 hour surgery. Once again, I sat by her side day and night. Yet, this time I was stronger than ever. This time I felt His presence from the time we entered that hospital stronger then I had ever felt Him before. Assuring me that once again this was a bump in the road, and we would be alright. Yet, this time we were comforted by a visit from our Rev. Jane which let us know we were not alone.

I am so grateful to have finally found a supportive Church Family at St. Stephen’s. For the first time in our lives, Rebecca is coming out of her shell, and getting involved. We feel we belong!! Thank you!

— Stacie Phelps