April 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

Happy Easter!

Today may be Friday, but Sunday is coming.

I write this as the third Nor’easter in two weeks blasts the region and hope that the weather will improve by Easter Sunday. Easter falls on April 1st so the joke may be on us. Our finest plans can be undermined by forces beyond our control, be it weather, circumstances or people. However, I also know that nothing will deflect God’s mighty work that we celebrate on the Day of the Resurrection.

Years ago, I heard a sermon titled, “Today’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.” This was also the complete text of the sermon delivered in the best Black Gospel tradition. “Today’s Friday but Sunday is coming” repeated over and over with different emphasis and inflections until that central message of the Gospel was lodged in our brains and we were on our feet shouting and clapping along with the preacher. I never forgot it.

Today may be Friday, the Friday of seemingly never ending winter, of discouragement, of stalled progress, of broken dreams, of crushed expectations, of unrelenting opposition, of betrayal, of suffering and death. In Holy Week we may call it Good Friday because God’s goodness and power shone through, but at the time it was awful. We are challenged to remember Good Friday, and all Fridays, in the light of Jesus’ glorious Resurrection.

Sunday is coming. On Easter Sunday God does something never imagined; God’s power and love is shown to the whole world. We gather to remember and witness to the fact that even death does not have the final say.

Please join us as we gather to celebrate God’s great victory this Easter.

With joyful expectation,
The Rev. Tom Barrington



St. Stephen’s Memorial Episcopal Church
74 S. Common St. Lynn

Maundy Thursday, March 29
Noon – Healing Service & Holy Eucharist
7:00pm – Commemoration of the Last Supper & Foot Washing

Good Friday, March 30
Noon – Community Good Friday Service, Washington Street Baptist Church
7:00pm – Youth led service with retelling the story of the Crucifixion and Tenebrae

Easter Vigil Saturday, March 31
7:00pm – Lynn Commons with St. Mary’s & Sacred Heart R. C. Churches
7:30pm – Great Vigil of Easter

Easter Sunday, April 1
8:00am & 10:30am Festival Eucharist with Choir in English *Note time change!
10:30 in Kiswahili