July 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

From the Interim Priest

In every parish I have served in my 30 years of ordained ministry the summer months have been times when things slow down. We would have an opportunity to catch our breath, take some time off and begin planning for the fall. This is not true for St. Stephen’s. We have had a frantically busy June, and July, with the KIC Summer Camp and Summer Learning Program, we will be just as busy. It is wonderful and I am so impressed will all of you for the work being done to further God’s work in this place.

With that being said, I hope that everyone will get some time off this summer. I will be taking two weeks off in August. Meanwhile, there are a number of important efforts that continue.

  • Preparing for the 175 Anniversary of St. Stephens Church on September 22nd
  • Preparing of the grand re-opening of the Kids in Community – Music and Arts Program After School
  • Reorganizing and recruiting a team to run the Food Pantry
  • Establish a new youth outreach program
  • Reaching out to our families with young children to better serve their needs.

We also continue to have Sunday Worship. The services are a little simpler, a little shorter. For those who usually come to the 10 AM service, you might want to try out the 8 AM service. I find it rather nice to have gone to church and still have the rest of the morning free. The summer is also a nice time to visit other churches, especially if you are out of town. It can be interesting to see how other congregations worship. I would love to hear what we might, or definitely might not, want to try out here.

Finally, thank you for the faithful service by all of the members of St. Stephen’s. You make this a truly inspiring community.

Blessing and Peace,
The Rev. Tom Barrington