Senior Warden

Irene Axelrod was born in Belmont, MA and was raised Roman Catholic. In 1989, she was received in the Episcopal Church. She has served on the Vestry for several reasons; a great interest in the history of the church as a whole, a fascination with the business aspects of running a church, but especially to give back a little of the spiritual enrichment she has received over the years.


Tim Potter

Junior Warden

Jesse Timothy Potter was born in Indianapolis, Indiana where as a youth he played the piano and organ in his mother’s church.  She was the first Black woman Ordained in the Methodist Church. JT/Tim went to Lincoln Univ. MO. He played some semi-pro basketball. He graduated from Butler University. Tim has worked in radio and television as news reporter in multiple cities including Boston.

Tim’s wife Deborah serves as a Lay Eucharist minister. They have 3 children & 9 grandchildren.



Heather Collis-Puro is a Handwork Teacher at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm.  Heather and her husband Dan came to St. Stephen’s when they moved to Lynn in 1999.  Heather first served as Parish Treasurer from 2002 until 2009.  A lifelong Episcopalian, Heather was raised in St. Matthews’ Parish in Pennington, NJ.  Heather has a daughter, Arden.



Pam Poppe



Shanel Anderson  Shanel Anderson




Teka Hazel Lumumba-Nkrumuh


Kevin Neil


Dorothy Post


Robin Washington


Paul Whittcomb


Robert WhitneyRobert Whitney





Sandy Wittrup





Kendra Zimiroski Kendra Z