The vestry is the governing board of an Episcopal parish and consists of the rector, the wardens, the treasurer, the clerk and lay members. Vestry members are nominated and elected by the congregation at its annual meeting, generally held at St. Stephen’s in February. Our vestry meets once a month.

Next Vestry Meeting: Sunday, January 20, 2019

Vestry Officers:

Christoper Trahan, Senior Warden, Over the last one hundred years and spanning the course five generations, Chris and his family call St. Stephen’s home. Born in Lynn, he was baptized at St. Stephen’s Memorial Church in 1973. Even though he and his family moved to Wakefield in 1982, Chris and his family “skipped over parochial boundaries” and continued worshiping at St. Stephen’s. It was here in 1986 he received the Sacrament of Confirmation by The Rt. Rev. Roger Blanchard. In 1998, Chris and his wife, Jackie, were married at St. Stephen’s and currently reside in Saugus with their daughter. 

Harry Jackson, Junior Warden, grew up in the church and loves the building. He has been taking care of it along with the food pantry since the 80’s. Since retiring in 2007, Harry spends nearly every day at St. Stephen’s. He is passionate around building projects and maintenance, working closely with contractors and vendors who provide services for the church.

Heather Collis Puro, Treasurer, is a Handwork Teacher at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm.  Heather and her husband Dan came to St. Stephen’s when they moved to Lynn in 1999.  Heather first served as Parish Treasurer from 2002 until 2009.  A lifelong Episcopalian, Heather was raised in St. Matthews’ Parish in Pennington, NJ.  Heather is mother to a teenager, Arden.

Carolyn Hoy, Clerk, was born and raised in Lynn in the Roman Catholic Church. She joined St. Stephen’s in 2010, after working in the office for three years. She served as clerk from 2011 to 2016 and is currently on the Altar Guild, Big Money Raffle Committee, Communications Committee, Fair Committee and Stewardship Committee. She helped create an Employee Handbook along with creating and designing many Annual Reports, fundraising ad books, brochures and stewardship mailings.

Vestry Members:

Pamela Alleyne

Charlotte Brown-Breckenridge is a retired teacher of 40 years in the Lynn Public Schools. She has been attending St. Stephen’s since 1962 and was married at the church in 1980 to Leon. Her three adult children were baptized and confirmed and her six grandchildren were all baptized at St. Stephen’s. She has been involved in many ways including Sunday school teacher for 23+ years, leading adult and child’s sewing groups and Women’s Group co-facilitator as well being a member of the Mother’s Group and Alfa.

James Poppe I am a cradle Episcopalian, born and raised in Rhode Island, and moved to the Lynn area in 1977. I first came to St. Stephen’s Church three and a half years ago. I have served St. Stephen’s Church as a Deanery Delegate, a delegate to the Diocesan Conventions, and as a member of the Building Committee. In my previous church, I served as Junior Warden for 8 years, and member of multiple committees. I have been married to my wife, Pamela, for 16 years, and I have three grown children, one grandchild, and I have been a foster dad to many children during the last 10 years. I attended URI, Northeastern and Brandeis, with degrees in Engineering and Business. I am currently loving retirement, after spending 39 years in the field of aeronautic engineering.

Dorothy Post, a cradle Episcopalian originally from Long Island, NY, began singing in the choir as a young girl and has continued her love of the church and its music throughout her life. Since coming to Boston in her college years, she has been involved in many aspects of the life of the churches she attended. This led her to completing the Education for Ministry program and then to the Episcopal Divinity School where she received her Masters in Divinity in 1999. She first came to St. Stephen’s as a seminarian and loved the people and vibrant, diverse community. Returning several years later as a parishioner, she has served in leadership and behind the scenes in a number of different ways.

Outside of the church, Dorothy loves reading, walking in nature and fly fishing, using her artistic eye to take photographs, and going with her current dog, Alleluia, to visit residents in a nursing home as Pet Therapy.

Jesse Timothy Potter was born in Indianapolis, Indiana where as a youth he played the piano and organ in his mother’s church.  She was the first Black woman Ordained in the Methodist Church. JT/Tim went to Lincoln Univ. MO. He played some semi-pro basketball. He graduated from Butler University. Tim has worked in radio and television as news reporter in multiple cities including Boston.

Tim’s wife Deborah serves as a Lay Eucharist Minister. They have 3 children & 9 grandchildren.

Paul Whittcomb graduated Peabody Vocational High School in 1982. Massachusetts Army National Guard 1982 thru 1993. Married Wendi in 1991@ St. Stephen’s. We have 3 children, Keri 24, Erik 20 & Kati 16. Sunday school participant since 2005 & vestry member since 2017.

Sandy Wittrup now works full time at a law firm and teaches Early Childhood courses as adjunct faculty, evenings at North Shore Community College. She has worked as an early childhood educator for many years, owning and operating a family childcare in her home as well as center-based care. Sandy was raised in Lynn in the Roman Catholic Church until being received into the Episcopal Church in 2007. She and her husband Kent started attending St. Stephen’s Lynn in 2005 after they were married at St. Stephen’s Cohasset in 2003.